Quality Control

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We aim to pursue the finest quality translations and devote considerable effort into our completed translations. We value highly the professional and creative qualities of our translator language skills and the specialization that each brings to his or her project. However, this translation process cannot work well without execution of a quality guarantee system. We appreciate that high quality translations can save you, the customer precious time and energy so that you can focus on more important parts of your business/work. That is why we place such emphasis on it.

I: Item Analysis
You can easily deliver your manuscript to us by fax, e-mail or post (We pay the delivery fee). As for Beijing customers, we will fetch the draft by express delivery free of charge. When receiving your draft, our senior examiner will primarily define the nature and complexity of the manuscript. Based on this analysis and your specific requirement, we offer rough estimates such as word count, translation fee and delivery date of free. If you are happy, we will sign an agreement of translation proceeding.

II: Establishment of a special team
Based on item analysis, we form a special team consisting of professional translators chosen according to specialty and complexity and a Project Manager with appropriate experience to oversee the quality control process. Thereafter, the team will form a detailed job schedule, and proceed with the translation work under the project manager's guidance.

III: Translation of professional translators
In the course of translation, in order to ensure high quality and keep the same language style and specialization, Project Managers will establish a management system of integrating specialization and adjust the translation program for the purpose of quality, efficiency and coherence of translation.

IV: Professional proofreading of examiners with related specialty After step III, we will assign an examiner with rich practical experience in the relevant specialty to proofread. In Beijing Cinta Translation &Interpretation Co., Ltd, any doubts about our translators and examiners mastery of economic, technical and cultural background knowledge, will immediately vanish.

V: Linguistic proofreading of Senior Examiners
We will assign a senior examiner accomplished in language to proofread again, with emphasis on diction, expressions etc. We pay great attention to proofreading, and have strict requirements, which place high demands of responsibility on our examiners. Any carelessness will not only damage our reputation but also damage clients' interest.

VI: Delivery of final translation
When translation is completed, we will appropriately dispose the manuscript (including Fax, copy or electronic data) to meet your demand on file confidentiality.