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Translation with native speakers

At Cinta, translation is more than just changing words to another language. Translation is a detailed process, which includes:

# analyzing source language in relation to the intended audience and target languages

# translating text by native speakers who are aware of cultural nuances

# editing and proofreading translated text using our Linguistic Quality Index.

Cinta has the experience to handle your most difficult translation projects. From marketing content and contracts to manuals and training courses, our team makes your content work for an Asian audience. We can also translate user interface (strings, dialogs, menus, error messages) and other components such as help, online documentation, printed manuals and packaging.

By following these steps, Cinta delivers an extremely high degree of accuracy. Our in-house translators have the cultural understanding and industry knowledge to ensure your translation has the same impact as in the original language. In addition to technical accuracy, you can expect a consistency in terminology, tone and writing style.

All translators are native speakers, born and educated in the target country. Each one goes through a rigorous training process. The success of our training is demonstrated in the quality and fluency of the products we deliver to our clients.